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Energy Efficient Building Ventilation Systems

A large portion of the energy is consumed by no domestic buildings. Offices and retail are the most energy intensive typologies within the no domestic building sector, typically accounting for over 50% of the no domestic buildings’ total energy consumption. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the largest energy end use in the no domestic sector, with energy consumption close to 50% of total energy consumption.

The use of air to air heat recovery apparatuses reduced total energy consumption. They have been proven in the last thirty years to recover the heat energy expelled from the exhaust ventilators and to use this energy to preheat the fresh air entering. As the fresh air enters and warms up in the heat-exchanger, it increases its capacity to absorb water and thus decreases the relative air humidity. Moreover, as the fresh air gains heat energy in the heat-exchanger, it considerably reduces heating costs.

Known vent systems demonstrate the use of filters in preventing dust fouling in heat-exchangers. However, filters may fill up rapidly as the flock ages and the ventilators of the heat-exchanger apparatuses substantially lose efficiency. In such cases, filters must be changed or cleaned, either manually or mechanically, several times per day in order for the heat-exchanger to recover heat at its full potential. In small compact heat-exchangers, where dozens of units must be installed, the time of filter maintenance is therefore multiplied. It has been demonstrated that the heat-exchanger ventilator can inverse its rotation to blow cold air across the fouled filter and return the dust back. Moreover, in cold climates, this procedure may result in undesired high velocity cold drafts back.

For homes, a small recuperation ventilation system can significantly save energy costs for maintaining a warm house during the winter months. With the recuperative ventilation system, you get fresh outside but warm air that constantly moves the rooms. But it is not always clean enough. It is therefore necessary to take a number of measures to control air cleanliness, including automated sensing electronics systems, whose data smartly manage the overall continuous ventilation process. For business and industry, heat recovery is important, not only from an energy but also from a healthy point of view. In hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, gymnasiums and sports halls, fitness rooms and the like, the maintenance of air purity in them is of primary importance to the thermal, musical and noise comfort.

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